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Urgent Healthcare works only when you are ill and need to see a doctor immediately. Urgent Healthcare near you will be by your side for about 24 hours for your treatment and will be at your service. Immediate medical care is very important in a situation where there is no delay in getting medical advice due to an emergency or distance due to day or night. Illness severely disrupts normal human life and makes people helpless. Illness plays a very important and effective role in ensuring that sick people get their basic right to treatment.

At Urgent Healthcare, we pay for the patient’s rapid increase in mental and physical strength and take prompt action by identifying all aspects of the treatment, thus saving the patient’s life and bringing them back to normal. Urgent Healthcare will work in a position close to you and get help very quickly. Therefore, in case of danger or accident, you must seek the help of urgent healthcare so that you can get rid of your physical problems very quickly. The way they treat a patient works very well to heal a patient in a very short time.

Let’s take a look at the Top Ten Urgent Health Care Near Me

1. Atrium Health Urgent Care Morehead

2. Atrium Health Urgent Care South End

3. BetterMed Urgent Care

4. MedExpress Urgent Care

5. U.S. HealthWorks

1. Atrium Health Urgent Care


Address: 1426 E Morehead St, Charlotte, NC 28204, United States

Phone: +1 704-446-6090

3.6/5  (145 Google reviews)

Appointments: clockwisemd.com


  • Amazing staff
  • Incredible & comfortable team
  • Experience doctor
  • Emergency visit
  • Timely manner
  • Best service
  • Attitude and professionalism

One of the best teams in the United States is Urgent Healthcare. It is very good, and they have Google Reviews of 145. They work well in emergency situations, and they handle them very carefully. They maintain their schedule. I am optimistic that their service will be very good and that they will be able to provide fast treatment as soon as possible. They will also provide the best behavior with the patients.

2. Atrium Health Urgent Care South End


Address: 2041 South Blvd #100, Charlotte, NC 28203, United States

Phone: +1 704-304-0140

3.5 (20 Google reviews)

Appointments: Click Here (https://atriumhealth.org/locations/detail/atrium-health-urgent-care-south-end)


  • Friendly staff
  • clean facility
  • urgent care and treatment in a timely manner
  • Super friendly, and they pay close attention to the doctor.
  • Professional service

Atrium Health Urgent Care South End’s professional services are super friendly and their doctor’s patient attention to Alipore and very effective treatment and timely manners are inside them, so they can be called the best service.

3. BetterMed Urgent Care


Address: 1431 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203, United States

Areas served: Charlotte and nearby areas

Phone: +1 704-709-1171

4.5 (207 Google reviews)

Appointments: Click Here 


  • Thankful behaviour
  • a variety of testing locations.
  • The health service is personable and to the point.
  • Very accommodating, and pleasant staff, clean treatment rooms.
  • Everyone was so friendly, professional, and took excellent care of the patient family!

This BetterMed Urgent Care Help Care Taker treats patients very quickly. Watching each patient carefully shows that their service is very helpful, they are very professional, and their treatments are very clean. Accident Care takes individual care of every patient, and their Google reviews are so good that they can use your Argentine to get the results you want.

urgent care near me
urgent care near me

4. MedExpress Urgent Care


Headquarters: Morgantown, West Virginia, United States

Phone: +1 727-799-2727

3.7 (368 Google reviews)


  • Staff and doctors are Good & wonderful.
  • passionately comfortable about sharing my symptoms.
  • All the staff was friendly and attentive
  • The price is fair.

Best Doctor Best Off And Wonderful Service Among Reasonable Price With Low Price. Absolutely free mind medical treatment in their care.

5. United States HealthWorks


Headquarters are in California, USA.

3.0 (205 reviews)

Phone number: 661-678-2300


  • Health Insurance
  • Good Communication
  • well behavior
  • Fast treatment

If you need quality healthcare, then you can choose this healthcare. They are working very well. They are headquartered in California. They have very good communication from health insurance.

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All of the above content is working very well in the Urgent Health care industry, and they are very fast at marrying the patient very nicely with their communication. They are receiving treatment, and they are seeing results. From the above, you can know all about the things around you. If you like this article, you must visit our other articles at least once. Thank you.

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